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Hani Masri “Fatah’s Central Committee has recommended a freeze on the proposed Social Security Law to President Mahmoud ‘Abbas, which is a step in the right direction,” writes Hani al-Masri on Tuesday’s Palestinian news portal www.masarat.ps. The Central Committee also recommended the formation of a political government that includes PLO …

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When Reactionary Politics Become University ‘Ethics’

Tim Anderson Quite a number of people have asked me what is happening with the review of my ‘suspension pending expulsion’ from the University of Sydney, following managers’ attempts to censor some of my public comments. I give an update here, along with the discussion of one matter that emerged …

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Statement: For a full withdrawal — U.S. out of the Middle East!

By Party for Socialism and Liberation The slogan “U.S. Out of the Middle East” should not be controversial for any leftist or class-conscious worker. The decision to remove 2,000 U.S. troops from Syria must be extended to include the over 5,000 estimated “contractors” — i.e. mercenaries — in Syria. U.S. …

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US Troop Withdrawals from Syria and Afghanistan

Sara Flounders The announced withdrawal of the remaining 2,000 U.S. troops from Syria and a partial withdrawal from Afghanistan does not mean an end to the Pentagon’s aggressive militarism and endless U.S. wars – in Syria, in Afghanistan, in the region or globally. The U.S. military has 170,000 troops stationed …

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