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Yellow Vests and Red Unions Strike Together

On Tuesday, February 5, as the government of Emmanuel Macron pushed harsh repressive laws against demonstrators through the National Assembly, the Yellow Vests joined with France’s unions for the first time in a day-long, nation-wide “General Strike.” At the very moment when in Paris the lower house was voting to …

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Syria Accuses US Of Stealing Over 40 Tons Of Its Gold

Sources said that the area where Daesh leaders and members have barricaded themselves in, contains around 40 tons of gold and tens of millions of dollars. Eric Zuesse The Syrian National News Agency headlined on February 26th, “Gold deal between United States and Daesh” (Daesh is ISIS) and reported that, …

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The Global Left and the Danger of a Dirty War in Venezuela

Lucas Koerner warns that the Global North “left” critique of “authoritarianism” in Venezuela serves as ideological cover for the current coup and impending dirty war pushed by Washington. In a recent piece for Jacobin, Gabriel Hetland mapped out what he believes should be the “left” position vis-à-vis the ongoing US-led …

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Musharraf must clarify pro-Israel statements, Sherry

ISLAMABAD, February 23, 2019: PPP Parliamentary Leader in Senate, Senator Sherry Rehman criticized former President Pervez Musharraf over his statements regarding Pakistan’s ties with Israel – a state Pakistan has refused to recognize since its inception. Rehman said, “The entire country is shell-shocked over Pervez Musharraf’s pro-Israel statements in his …

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