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The Seeds Of Suicide How Monsanto Destroys Farming

By Dr. Vandana Shiva Note: Originally published in April 2013 Monsanto’s talk of ‘technology’ tries to hide its real objectives of control over seed where genetic engineering is a means to control seed, “Monsanto is an agricultural company. We apply innovation and technology to help farmers around the world produce more while …

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SPIEGEL ONLINE: ‘The American Dream Has Become a Myth’

Women pose near a homeless man during NY Fashion week in October 2012 Interview with Economist Joseph Stiglitz ‘The American Dream Has Become a Myth’ The finance industry is to blame for the growing divide between the rich and poor in the United States, says Nobel Prize-winning economics professor Joseph …

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The Palestinian Aid Trap

The Palestinian Aid Trap Reliance on NGOs distorts the Palestinian economy and makes self-determination harder. By Khaled Al Sabawi The recent unification of Hamas and Fatah may show just how unsustainable the Palestinian economy has become. With massive amounts of donor aid propping up the economy, and a foreign-aid community …

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Billionaires Flourish, Inequalities Deepen as Economies “Recover”

World’s Biggest Companies Billionaires Flourish, Inequalities Deepen as Economies “Recover” The bailouts of banks, speculators and manufacturers served their real purposes: the multi-millionaires became billionaires and the later became multi-billionaires. By James Petras Introduction According to the annual report of the business magazine Forbes there are 1,210 individuals – and …

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Palestine aid models must change

Palestine aid models must change Far from offering sustainable development, the UNRWA’s Peace Starts Here aid campaign is simply life-support for Palestine By Keiron Monk “Peace Starts Here” is the slogan adopted by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) to promote its work in the Palestinian territories. But …

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