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Eyewitness report: Syrians celebrate election outcome

Kobi Guillory  May 28, 2021 Read more articles in Syria Syrians celebrated elections. (Fight Back! News/staff) Damascus, Syria – On Wednesday, May 26, election day in Syria, crowds flocked to polling places to cast their votes. A delegation of observers from the U.S., South Africa, France and Palestine visited polling locations …

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The Military And Political Power Of Hezbollah

10/10/2019 Leonid Savin* At the end of August, the Lebanese organisation Hezbollah fired two rockets at an Israeli armoured personnel carrier at the border. Several Israeli soldiers were injured. In response, Israeli troops fired on Lebanese territory adjacent to the border. The shells fell on bare ground, without causing harm …

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Syria Accuses US Of Stealing Over 40 Tons Of Its Gold

Sources said that the area where Daesh leaders and members have barricaded themselves in, contains around 40 tons of gold and tens of millions of dollars. Eric Zuesse The Syrian National News Agency headlined on February 26th, “Gold deal between United States and Daesh” (Daesh is ISIS) and reported that, …

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How Saudi Arabia supported Israel’s 2006 war on Lebanon

Tamara Nassar Power Suits 25 February 2019. Electronic Intifada. Israel’s foreign intelligence agency, the Mossad, was key in facilitating covert relations between Gulf states and Israel in the early 2000s. Secret ties between Israel and Saudi Arabia accelerated in 2003, when Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon asked longtime Mossad chief Meir Dagan to reexamine relations with neighboring Gulf states, according to …

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